AEC Blog Week 2 #Weekly


I personally would like to be a parent that not only that i set house rules to follow (being strict) , but i also want my children to feel like they could depend on their parents whenever they are down and needed someone to rely on. This is because i feel that as parents we should always be there for our children as we are next closest person to them other than their siblings. I do not believe the parenting style of being too strict that our relationship between parents and children is going down.

Although it depends on each individual whether they prefer to be left on their own devices, i think the majority would at least like some sort of guidance in their life. As we can see in some teenagers in newspapers/tv, we can see that some of them had gone on to the wrong path in life which could be the result of parents leaving their children on their own. Thus i feel that having balance in parenting children is a better solution.



One thought on “AEC Blog Week 2 #Weekly

  1. I definitely agree, Zul! It would be good to have some authority, but we definitely need to display warmth to our kids. Like you said, having the right balance is very important!


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