HBL-Money Management




The above link is by far my favourite reading as it gives me the realisation that as teenagers we are spending on things that we do not need it.We are just spending on it to make us look good infront of our friends.If we did not have done so, we could have save a ton of money.

What I Know About Money Management What I Want to Know About Money Management What I’ve Learned About Money Management
 Only spend on what you need and not wants  The simplest way to save money  Instead of using credit cards, we should instead use debit cards whenever we are out going shopping as you know u have a certain amount in your bank account.
Bring only certain  amount of your allowance when going out  How to shop with a certain budget that we have created In order to have an effective money management, we can create a good spending plan so that we would not over spend and waste on things that we don’t really need
 Have a savings account  We should always spend on things that we can afford such as going to food courts instead of going to fancy restaurants.We should not care about what other people think as long as we are not wasting money on things that we can get at a cheaper price.

One thought on “HBL-Money Management

  1. Yes, I agree that we often tend to buy things to impress people we barely know! Living in a consumerist society like Singapore definitely adds to the struggle, don’t you think?


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