#CA1 Unusual Occupation

Unusual Occupation

There are some people in Singapore that hold unusual occupation to earn a living. Not only that these jobs are unique but some of them are well paid jobs. Unusual in my definition is something that is not common and weird. Hence one such job that i have found (http://mustsharenews.com/unusual-jobs-in-singapore/) is a   Lego Certified Professional . These people are not employees of Lego, but they are trusted business partners that have the right to sell their products and servies as Lego master artists.


According to Yahoo Style, post written by Fann Sim on December 6 2012, there is only 13 such Lego professionals in the world. One of which is no other than Nicholas Foo, a 36 year old Singaporean. He is the only full-time artist as a Lego Professional in Singapore as well as in Asia.

Nicholas Foo

He started being intrigued with the colourful blocks when he received his first Lego set at the age of eight. It all started when he had build a bear with a hidden tummy compartment out of lego for his friend. After he posted a picture of the lego, it became a hit and thus led to his decision to make his hobby his full-time profession.


I find this occupation unusual as it something that not common here in Singapore as he is the only one holding the title here and it is also very unique. This is something that i might try undertake in the future if things do go my way. This is because i find that these jobs allows’ one to express their creativity and call the product theirs. If also it gives a huge amount of profit why not. This also allow people from all over the world to be able to buy these products and build it for themselves according to the instruction manual given.



#RSAF Open House Reflection

Q1. What are some background information you discovered as part of your planning for the visit?

As part of my planning before the visit, i went to find what does RSAF stands for so that i could expect what is the open house all about and to not being clueless to the place. RSAF stands for The Republic of Singapore Air Force. I have found out that they are showcasing their air force fighter aircrafts and will also showcase an action-packed aerial display. There will also be interactive exhibition gallery on its history, transformation and also the capabilities of the RSAF.


Q2. Discuss in your opinion, some of the key issues related to this visit.  (role of NS, duration of NS, defence strategy, defence policy, total defence, ladies in NS, NS Safety, NS Careers etc.)

One key issue that is related to this visit that has most of the Singaporean brought up is National Service (NS). Especially the guys that thinks NS is a waste of time and thus should not be made compulsary. However, in my opinion, i believe that NS is a good platform for the guys to build up stamina and also the mentality to be a  proud Singaporean by taking part in defending the nation. I also believe that the duration of NS is enough for us to be prepared by the training being provided. Regarding the ladies in NS, i believe that they are brave to join in as many other would surely not want. It is the thought of defending SIngapore that has some of these people wanting to be enrol in the military section.

Q3. After this visit, what do you see as your role/responsibility as an individual to the community?

After the visit i feel that that as an indiidual, it is our role to be part of the community by wanting to defend SIngapore to show that we are proud to be a citizen. This build the character of a citizen  that should be followed by all the peeple and especially by the upcoming generation.