#CA1 Heritage Trails

Heritage Trails- Kampung Glam

On 22 June 2016, my friends and i decided to go on a heritage trail on Kampung Glam. Kampung Glam is about the heritage of the malay settlers back then where our fore fathers had came from. The first place we went to was the Sultan Mosque area. Accoording to the heritage infomation board, it was known as Bussorah Street which is named after a place in present day Iraq. Before the place was redeveloped in the 1990s, it was a predominantly residential area with small business. The majority of the people back then that live there were Javanese with small minorities of Sumatran, Banjares, Chinese and Indian origin. But in 1993 Bussorah Street was turned into a pedestrian mall.

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Sultan Mosque

The second place that we went to is The Malay Heritage Centre. The building was once the residence of the Malay Royalty of Singapore. The building is now housing Malay Culture, traditions and heritage which open in 2005. After 2 more renovations in 2011 and 2012, the heritage centre was officially launched in September 2012 by Prime Minister Lee  Hsien Loong. Sadly i did not manage to enter the centre itself.

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Malay Heritage Centre

Next we move on to the Gedung Kuning meaning “yellow mansion” in Malay, which probably was built around the same period as the Istana Kampung Glam. The mansion was served as the residence of the history, where Tengku Mahmud, grandson of Sultan Hussein, was believed to reside. It was then being bought by Haji Yusoff, a Javanese merchant. The mansion remained his family possesion till 1999, when the government aquired it for redevelopment. After conservation works, it was open to public in 2003 as a restaurant.

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Currently is Restaurant Mamanda 

Nearby was believed to stand pondok jawa which was served as a lodge house for newly arrived Javanese migrants. The house is also significantly a hub for Javanese culture. However the building was demolished in 2003 due to infestation and poor structural conditions.

Former place of Pondok Jawa

Next we went to find the next location on the trail which is the former Chong Cheng School and Chong Pun Girls’ School. Now it stands Aliwal Arts Centre.

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Aliwal Arts Centre

Last location we went to is the Madrasah Alsagoff Al-Arabiyah. It was founded in 1912 and it is the oldest surviving madrasah (Arabic for school) in Singapore.

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Madrasah Alsagoff Al-Arabiyah

By going through this trail, it shows how Singapore’s history of its early settlers. It also teaches the heritage of the Malay Culture and how they came about to Singapore. As Malay is one of the 4 main races in Singapore, it is important to preserve these places for future generation and so that culture would not be lost.


#CA1 What/Where to eat?

What/Where to eat?

Food has got to be one of the topics that is often talked about when hanging out with our group of friends. We would often ask each other where/what to eat. The place that we choose also has to depend on our budget and diet preferences such as halal, vegetarian, etc. I have chosen 3 places that might suit certain group of people or possible places that people might go to when they are out with friends/family members.

  1. Food Court
Food Junction @ Century Square, Tampines 

Food courts has a variety of stalls ranging from local food to western and even Korean/Japanese foods. Most importantly, the food that sells there are mostly quite reasonably price. For example, we can get a plate of chicken rice just at $3-4. There is also halal stalls where our muslim friends can dine in too.

2. Eighteen Chefs

Eighteen Chefs @ Cathay Cineleisure Orchard

Eighteen Chefs has been one of the populous place teenagers go to now a days. It is a restaurant where it hires ex-convicts to work thus giving them a 2nd chance to redeemed theirselves. The reason why teenagers are always back for more is that it has student meals where it does not have a limit such as others. For example Pizza Hut has student meals valid from Monday-Fridays 1-6PM whereas Eighteen Chefs has student meals valid everyday and all day long. It is halal and it serves mostly western food. Each Meal comes with a main course; Pasta, Baked Pasta, Baked Rice, a cup of Ice Lemon Tea and a complimentary ice-ceam to go with.

3. Peachy in a Secret Hideout

Peachy in a Secret HIdout @ 803A N Bridge Rd

For those who do not mind spending much money, Peachy in a Secret Hideout will be a good place for these poeple. The food there might be expensive. It sells sides like Cheese Fries, Mushroom Soup and so on. For main dishes, they sells a range of fish and chips, chicken chops and also spaghettis.The food is very delicious and its is halal friendly. Thus this could be one option where people might go to.

#CA1 $5 Challenge

$5 Challenge

Singapore is one of the most expensive countries to live in the world. Especially as teenagers living in Singapore, we might need to spend a lot of money just on food and transport. There are people out there that might not live a wonderful life where they could just spend as they wish but instead they have to be wise when it comes to spending money. Thus, me and my friends has decided to do the $5 challenge, where we can see if we can limit ourself to just $5.

On 22 June 2016, my friends and i decided to head down to Arab Street for a Heritage trails on Kampong Glam. Since it was the fasting month, it would be an advantage if i were to do the $5 challenge as i do not need to spend much on food and water. To add on the advantage, i have already bought the monthly hybrid concession card, thus my journey to Bugis was “free”. We ended the trail at about 1pm and the sun was scorching hot. Thus we decided to head into Bugis+ Mall to cool down after walking in the sun for 2hrs. I was feeling so thirsty but i managed to hold on my thirst.

At about 2pm, we went to meet another friend of ours at Vivo City. We walk around and spent our time walking into clothing store window shopping  etc. At about 7pm we decided to go to Mac Donald for dinner. I went for the the cheapest meal there which is the Mac Chicken which cost exactly $5. It comes with the burger, medium fries and medium drink.  Thus after that we were full and said goodbye to each other and head home.

After doing the $5 challenge, now i understand how some of the less fortunate people that do not have a wealthy life living in Singapore. Just spending on food is already very expensive, what about if my transportation fee was not “free”. It would definetely be more expensive. Thus we should be thankful for what we are able to enjoy and that there are people who are not as fortunate as us, eat what ever we want etc. As a citizen we should also give a helping hand to the needy by donating food/clohing to charity.


#CA1 Global Voices

Global Voices

After looking up on the Global Voices website, (https://globalvoices.org), one article that caught my eye after scrolling down is “For Refugees at Katsikas Camp, Life Remains in Limbo”. This is because it is a current issue that is faced by the world and that is something that i have regularly see on social medias such as Facebook, twitter and etc.

The Article that was posted on 6 July 2016, is an accounts of a volunteer and a refugee at Katsikas Camp, Greece. The refugees that came and escape from their war-torn countries such as Pelastine, Syria, Iraq, etc, had gone through tough times and even had loss their family members trying to flee their homes.

Photo by Christina del Campo Martin

A refugee, Mohanad, accounts where he left his home near the Syrian city of Home in hopes of finding a safe place to start a family. Like many other refugees, they had to make way to mainland Greece via Turkey, the Mediterranean and the island of Levos. As of the date posted, Mohanad is one of the 800 people living in Katsikas Camp, 6 Kilometres outside the city of Ioannina in Northwestern Greece. He described the situation as “This isn’t living-this is surviving”-Mohanad.

A volunteer, Maria Penalos, recalls that the ratio of volunteers to refugees is 7:11 back in April when she arrived. Everyone was freezing and there was nothing there except those tents without floors. They have no proper clothing, unsanitary conditions, shortage of food and low healthcare. Despite efforts from small NGOs to distribute clothing and basic supplies, leading language classes and providing communal spaces for the women, the condition at the camps remain poor.


In my opinion i think it is not fair for these people as they have to leave their homes and family just to survive. These people might be coming from wealthy families, high staking jobs such as doctors, lawyers and pilots and all of these to be gone in a blink of eye due to wars and terrorism happening in their countries. And i think as humans we should help others where ever necessary to provide them a place to stay for the mean time especially the neighbouring contries as a form of our humanity. They might also want to go back once everything has gone down. We cant blame them as its not like they want the war to happen.


#CA1 Made in Singapore

Made in Singapore

Although Singapore might be one of the smallest countries in the world, that does not mean we cannot succeed. In fact, there are many local inventions that have made it to around the world. One such invention is none other than the popular app, Carousell.            ( https://vulcanpost.com/88971/singapore-darling-app-carousell-saw-8-times-listings-raises-6-million-investment/) Carousell is a mobile app that allows people to buy/sell first-hand/ second-hand goods.

Carousell App

Sellers are able to take photo of their items and edit it with Carousell’s photo-editing features, write details about the items and then list them up for sale. Buyers can communicate with the sellers via the app’s private messaging system.

Carousell was founded in Singapore on May 1, 2012 by co-founders  Quek Siu Rui,  Lucas Ngoo and Marcus Tan

From left to right- Quek Siu Rui, Lucas Ngoo, Marcus Tan
  • Carousell has maintained its rank as the N0. 1 Lifestyle app on the App Store for 11 months straight
  • The Carousell Community has created over 8 million listings of items for sale.

This has thus allow us to easily get the items that we want at a reasonable price through meet-ups or mail. This has improved the effective way of people buying stuff without having to visit any shops physically. Hence saving us time.

If i was an inventor, i would want to invent something that will benefit students to be motivated in studying such as an effective way of finding solutions and also examples to difficult questions. As a teenager i personally went through the struggle where on a last minute basis, i needed to solve  questions that i do not understand but there was no one available to help us out. Thus with such invention it will truely ease the burden of the students and hopefully be able to ace their exams with flying colours.