#CA1 Made in Singapore

Made in Singapore

Although Singapore might be one of the smallest countries in the world, that does not mean we cannot succeed. In fact, there are many local inventions that have made it to around the world. One such invention is none other than the popular app, Carousell.            ( https://vulcanpost.com/88971/singapore-darling-app-carousell-saw-8-times-listings-raises-6-million-investment/) Carousell is a mobile app that allows people to buy/sell first-hand/ second-hand goods.

Carousell App

Sellers are able to take photo of their items and edit it with Carousell’s photo-editing features, write details about the items and then list them up for sale. Buyers can communicate with the sellers via the app’s private messaging system.

Carousell was founded in Singapore on May 1, 2012 by co-founders  Quek Siu Rui,  Lucas Ngoo and Marcus Tan

From left to right- Quek Siu Rui, Lucas Ngoo, Marcus Tan
  • Carousell has maintained its rank as the N0. 1 Lifestyle app on the App Store for 11 months straight
  • The Carousell Community has created over 8 million listings of items for sale.

This has thus allow us to easily get the items that we want at a reasonable price through meet-ups or mail. This has improved the effective way of people buying stuff without having to visit any shops physically. Hence saving us time.

If i was an inventor, i would want to invent something that will benefit students to be motivated in studying such as an effective way of finding solutions and also examples to difficult questions. As a teenager i personally went through the struggle where on a last minute basis, i needed to solve  questions that i do not understand but there was no one available to help us out. Thus with such invention it will truely ease the burden of the students and hopefully be able to ace their exams with flying colours.







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