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After looking up on the Global Voices website, (https://globalvoices.org), one article that caught my eye after scrolling down is “For Refugees at Katsikas Camp, Life Remains in Limbo”. This is because it is a current issue that is faced by the world and that is something that i have regularly see on social medias such as Facebook, twitter and etc.

The Article that was posted on 6 July 2016, is an accounts of a volunteer and a refugee at Katsikas Camp, Greece. The refugees that came and escape from their war-torn countries such as Pelastine, Syria, Iraq, etc, had gone through tough times and even had loss their family members trying to flee their homes.

Photo by Christina del Campo Martin

A refugee, Mohanad, accounts where he left his home near the Syrian city of Home in hopes of finding a safe place to start a family. Like many other refugees, they had to make way to mainland Greece via Turkey, the Mediterranean and the island of Levos. As of the date posted, Mohanad is one of the 800 people living in Katsikas Camp, 6 Kilometres outside the city of Ioannina in Northwestern Greece. He described the situation as “This isn’t living-this is surviving”-Mohanad.

A volunteer, Maria Penalos, recalls that the ratio of volunteers to refugees is 7:11 back in April when she arrived. Everyone was freezing and there was nothing there except those tents without floors. They have no proper clothing, unsanitary conditions, shortage of food and low healthcare. Despite efforts from small NGOs to distribute clothing and basic supplies, leading language classes and providing communal spaces for the women, the condition at the camps remain poor.


In my opinion i think it is not fair for these people as they have to leave their homes and family just to survive. These people might be coming from wealthy families, high staking jobs such as doctors, lawyers and pilots and all of these to be gone in a blink of eye due to wars and terrorism happening in their countries. And i think as humans we should help others where ever necessary to provide them a place to stay for the mean time especially the neighbouring contries as a form of our humanity. They might also want to go back once everything has gone down. We cant blame them as its not like they want the war to happen.



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