#CA1 $5 Challenge

$5 Challenge

Singapore is one of the most expensive countries to live in the world. Especially as teenagers living in Singapore, we might need to spend a lot of money just on food and transport. There are people out there that might not live a wonderful life where they could just spend as they wish but instead they have to be wise when it comes to spending money. Thus, me and my friends has decided to do the $5 challenge, where we can see if we can limit ourself to just $5.

On 22 June 2016, my friends and i decided to head down to Arab Street for a Heritage trails on Kampong Glam. Since it was the fasting month, it would be an advantage if i were to do the $5 challenge as i do not need to spend much on food and water. To add on the advantage, i have already bought the monthly hybrid concession card, thus my journey to Bugis was “free”. We ended the trail at about 1pm and the sun was scorching hot. Thus we decided to head into Bugis+ Mall to cool down after walking in the sun for 2hrs. I was feeling so thirsty but i managed to hold on my thirst.

At about 2pm, we went to meet another friend of ours at Vivo City. We walk around and spent our time walking into clothing store window shopping  etc. At about 7pm we decided to go to Mac Donald for dinner. I went for the the cheapest meal there which is the Mac Chicken which cost exactly $5. It comes with the burger, medium fries and medium drink.  Thus after that we were full and said goodbye to each other and head home.

After doing the $5 challenge, now i understand how some of the less fortunate people that do not have a wealthy life living in Singapore. Just spending on food is already very expensive, what about if my transportation fee was not “free”. It would definetely be more expensive. Thus we should be thankful for what we are able to enjoy and that there are people who are not as fortunate as us, eat what ever we want etc. As a citizen we should also give a helping hand to the needy by donating food/clohing to charity.



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