#CA1 What/Where to eat?

What/Where to eat?

Food has got to be one of the topics that is often talked about when hanging out with our group of friends. We would often ask each other where/what to eat. The place that we choose also has to depend on our budget and diet preferences such as halal, vegetarian, etc. I have chosen 3 places that might suit certain group of people or possible places that people might go to when they are out with friends/family members.

  1. Food Court
Food Junction @ Century Square, Tampines 

Food courts has a variety of stalls ranging from local food to western and even Korean/Japanese foods. Most importantly, the food that sells there are mostly quite reasonably price. For example, we can get a plate of chicken rice just at $3-4. There is also halal stalls where our muslim friends can dine in too.

2. Eighteen Chefs

Eighteen Chefs @ Cathay Cineleisure Orchard

Eighteen Chefs has been one of the populous place teenagers go to now a days. It is a restaurant where it hires ex-convicts to work thus giving them a 2nd chance to redeemed theirselves. The reason why teenagers are always back for more is that it has student meals where it does not have a limit such as others. For example Pizza Hut has student meals valid from Monday-Fridays 1-6PM whereas Eighteen Chefs has student meals valid everyday and all day long. It is halal and it serves mostly western food. Each Meal comes with a main course; Pasta, Baked Pasta, Baked Rice, a cup of Ice Lemon Tea and a complimentary ice-ceam to go with.

3. Peachy in a Secret Hideout

Peachy in a Secret HIdout @ 803A N Bridge Rd

For those who do not mind spending much money, Peachy in a Secret Hideout will be a good place for these poeple. The food there might be expensive. It sells sides like Cheese Fries, Mushroom Soup and so on. For main dishes, they sells a range of fish and chips, chicken chops and also spaghettis.The food is very delicious and its is halal friendly. Thus this could be one option where people might go to.


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