Red Dot Reflection

Smart Pet Door


Firstly, i chose this design as it something that is very unique and it is really useful for pet owner especially those with a backyard. Pets as we all know likes to go the backyard and play around thus they might bring about fleas or other bugs. This device allows the owners to put a natural essential oil on it and it will brush against the fur of the animal thus getting rid of the bugs. The oil is safe for the animal and wont cause health problems. Thus, this shows that this device met the needs of the owners by keeping the house safe from bugs and also keeping their beloved pets healthy.



Secondly, i have chosen QWERTY Sofa. I chose this design/concept as it is very cool looking and it has good functions on it. It has a keyboard look design and for every key it can be shifted. It works by gel batteries that control each key to meet the demands of the user wanted shape. This concept is built for people who like to relax on sofa and wants a convinient place for it. It can meet the shape of the user and relax the person. Thus, with the cool function i find it cool and something that people would buy for their house. Even the colour is very suitable for every home



Last but not least i have chosen Shift. I have chosen this design/concept as it is simple, space saving and it is also something very unique. The table has 4 different setting position; default, fully tilted, half tilted and space-saving configuration. This allow users such as home-working adults, students and etc to use it according to their needs at the time that they want. Thus, this shows that the design has meet the needs of the user by giving options and also gives them the space requirement for their work.

Red Dot Museum




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