Dining in the Dark- Reflection

On the 21 November 2016, we visited Singapore Association of the Visually Handicapped, for Dining in the Dark experience. It was a very stressful experience being visually handicapped while having a 4 course meal in the dark. One problem i had encountered during the experience is cutting the chicken chop. I could not tell where i was cutting and ended up cutting the against the plate itself. Even if i could cut it succesfully, i ended losing that piece when it drop off the fork. So i ended up just picking up the whole chicken and just eat it from there.

Another problem i had was pouring the drink and also the sugar into the tea. It was especially difficult for the sugar part as the drink was hot so if we were to feel around to estimate where to pour, we could get burned by the tea.

Overall, i felt the experience gives us a better understanding what the visually handicapped people felt on a daily basis. If we were to suffer for that few hours, how about those people who had to deal with it for the rest of their lives. Thus, this experince has been benefitful and amazing.