Final Reflection (E&T)

Semester 2 has been a long and wonderful journey with lots of new skills and memories being obtained. We started out by visiting the Red Dot Museum in week 2. We get to see the different products that are on displayed there. From this trip, it gives us ideas on what we as a group would want to do for our project. We were then supposed to choose 3 products that we thought were very good and innovative. It was there where we all each contribute ideas on what we are going to do. Finally, we decided to combine 3 ideas into 1 big product; a disguised mini CCTV, a foldable table in a car and also a new and improved car side rear mirror. Everyone contributed and listen to one another’s ideas and finally agreed on these 3.

In week 4, 7 November 2016, we did an interview about the products that we had come out with to see if people had any comments on how to improved it. After doing the interview, we then proceed on collating the information taken from the interviewee. We then did an empathy map to show wat we had collected. Thus, with these new information, we managed to improved our products a bit to suit to people’s suggestion. In week 5, we learn about ideation on how we could change something that we have into something better. We did so by first creating a broken rule map. We took turns coming out with rules that we did not follow, that makes our product more interesting than the original.

In week 6, we had a dining in the dark experience at SAVH. We had experience being blind while having our meal for about 1-2 hours. It was an interesting experience as we got to know parts of what the blind have to go through every day. We also get to see the different gadgets that were made just for the blind. It was very cool to see some of them like a blind friendly clock.

In week 7, we prepared for our mid-semester presentation to showcase our progress on our product. That was where we realised that we have not created a final concept that we were supposed to do a prototype on. So we decided to make one after our presentation so that we could make our prototype in week 14.

In week 14 we all contributed and work as a team in making the prototype as well as updating any necessary changes to our final concept sketch. We were then ready for our gallery walk that was happening in week 15.

During the gallery walk, we took turns to stay at our group booth and going to other classes booths. From this gallery walk, I had seen many wonderful inventions that I did not thought of. Hence I have learnt to observe so that in the future, this could be our reference to create a better product.

Overall, I have learnt how to work with my group mates and also be more innovative. It has been a tough yet wonderful journey progressing from week 1 till now having our own prototype.